CCTV Solutions

We provide and install a variety of CCTV Solutions. These systems include analogue, IP and wireless solutions or a combination of these. We will do a survey of the premises and suggest the best possible solution for our customers, based on their needs, requirements and budget.

Systems are available for detection, observation, recognition or identification. When we do the survey of the premises, we firstly look at out customers needs and requirements and what is needed to fulfil these. We will then look at the equipment needed and see what equipment specifications will suite the customers requirements. Things like field of view (FOV), backlight, DWR (Dynamic Wide Range), distance of view, Resolution etc. will be taken into account,

Analogue Systems

Analogue systems.jpg

Analogue CCTV systems is the most widely used systems up to recent times. 

Analogue systems are significantly cheaper, especially when your camera count is going up.

On analogue systems, setups are easy but can take some time as cabling is required.

HD image quality is now getting much better over analogue systems. These systems are suited for home installations and is very affordable. The downside however is there are some cable work to be done and image quality is not as good as the IP Solutions. Encryption is also a problem which makes you more susceptible for hacking.

Some intelligence has been built into the new analogue cameras like line crossings, intrusion areas etc. which makes it suitable for all types of environments and needs.

IP Systems

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IP Systems are fast coming into  their own. IP Cameras can contain more than one camera in one unit which makes cabling less, as only one cable is used and larger areas can be covered by one unit. 

IP Camera Installations are easier in that only one cable is used for both power and video and not two, as in analogue systems.

Resolution in IP cameras are better than that of analogue cameras which makes image quality better in IP Camera systems.

Video is encrypted which makes hacking your system more difficult. 

IP Solutions are a bit more pricy than the Analogue counterpart and needs to be considered when deciding on a system. However, cost will be saved on cabling etc. So, you will need to look at the whole picture before deciding. Speak to us for more information on this.

Wireless Systems (Wi-Fi)


Wireless CCTV Systems are also now available. These systems are  like the name suggests, wireless.

All the latest technologies are going wireless and the same for CCTV cameras. Installation is quick and easy but needs to be done by a professional. 

These systems are quite mobile in that the cameras can be moved around without hassles. Maintenance on these systems are also low as no cable issues can occur.

There are some downside issues to these systems, like line of sight, network availability, signal strength etc. 

These systems are a bit expensive at this stage but as technology grows, pricing on these systems becomes more affordable.